GUAC! Is there a more perfect dip? Guac is the ultimate crowd pleaser when it comes to chip dip game. I prefer to eat my guac out of a 5 gallon bucket, accompanied by 35lbs of the finest salted CORN tortilla chips, none of that multi grain bullshit. Guac is also super versatile and good on basically everything, from tacos, to burritos, omelettes, or even spread on a sandwich. It also has avocados and vegetables in it which are good for you, so guac = health food right? There, now you can feel good about eating guacamole until you are physically uncomfortable.   You can find endless iterations of guacamole recipes out there, but I like this recipe because it is super simple, quick to prepare, and very delicious. So be the hero at the next party you go to, and bring some guac. 


2 Avocados

1/2 small yellow onion diced

4 TBSP cilantro chopped

1 serrano pepper minced

1/3 cup diced cherry or grape tomato 

salt to taste

Lime juice to taste


Sprinkle salt on onion, pepper, cilantro in a mortar and crush with pestle. You can use a bowl and spoon if you don’t have a mortar and pestle. Once crushed add your peeled and pitted avocado and mash. Add some lime juice to your liking, and adjust the seasoning with more salt if needed. I tend to go lighter on the salt because I like salty tortilla chips. You can garnish with cilantro leaves and a lime wedge if you want to get fancy, but most of the time people are dipping chips before your even done mixing.